Dr. Zenovia is an award winning dermatologist-led skin care brand that incorporates cutting-edge science and the most powerful medical-grade actives to address every hormone-impacted skin care concern – from hormonal acne, uneven tone, to aging.

Brand Story

A global pioneer in the field of Hormonal Dermatology, Dr. Zenovia was inspired to formulate the first line designed to combat hormonally imbalanced skin after several years of closely examining thousands of women of all skin types, their hormonal fluctuations and the impact of these fluctuations and estrogen deficiencies on skin health. 

With nearly 15 years of extensive integrated experience in medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, Mohs Micrographic Surgery and aesthetic treatments, Dr. Zenovia is renowned for her “deeper than skin” philosophy that addresses the root cause of symptoms. Her unique hormonal dermatology expertise allows her to examine the structure, function, and physiology of skin at the biochemical level to achieve maximum results.

Brand Mission

Internationally distinguished board-certified Dermatologist and hormonal skin expert, Dr. Zenovia is committed to researching and developing innovative methods to combat leading skin issues from a 360 holistic perspective, including hormonal balance for healthier skin at every stage of life.   Dr. Zenovia wants to empower consumers with real knowledge and destigmatize conversations around hormonal skin.

Point of Difference

Dr. Zenovia is an award-winning dermatologist led skin care brand, pioneering skin care focused on hormone-impacted concerns. The efficacy of Dr. Zenovia products are proven by the compelling results showcased in her patient clinical studies. You can find Dr. Zenovia online on the brand’s website and at Sephora.

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