Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver efficacious, innovative skin care solutions through our portfolio of differentiated brands that enhance the consumers’ skin health and wellness in high growth channels.

All of our formulas are rooted in science, trusted and tested by 6,000+ physicians for over 40 years. We continue to dedicate ourselves to advanced research through our final formula clinical studies which are regularly published in prestigious peer reviewed medical journals. Our commitment to science enables us to continue to pioneer next generation products to promote skin health and give our customers access to the most efficacious, dermatologist approved skin care.

Our Focus

Topix Pharmaceuticals empowers physicians with its unique offering of advanced technologies paired with physician practice customization and ecommerce capabilities.

Topix is committed to proven skin science, built on decades of knowledge and longstanding close partnership with the medical community. We have established a network of leading scientists and medical professionals to further understand and research skin science and health. Our products are formulated, clinically tested and approved by leading dermatologists and physicians. We harness the power of science and plant-based skin care to deliver the most efficacious and safe products to our customers.