About Us

At Topix Skin Health, we are committed to developing and delivering highly efficacious, innovative skin care solutions through our portfolio of brands that enhance our consumers’ skin health and wellness in high growth channels.

Our diverse family of brands address our consumers’ needs through dermatologist supported science, formulations and offering clean, green and efficacious ingredient combinations.

We deliver wellness, beauty and proven pharmaceutical-grade dermatologist supported products to meet our consumers’ ever-changing needs.

We’re innovators, leaders and visionaries in skin care, built on many decades of advancing science and innovation. Our brands are born out of breakthroughs in science, medicine and technology. Our formulas are carefully crafted and rigorously tested by leading chemists and dermatologists to meet the highest quality, safety and efficacy standards to promote skin health.


Topix Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1981 by Stanley and Burt Shaffer with the mission of developing and customizing the highest quality skin care products for dermatologists. Over the last 40+ years, Topix Skin Health has become an independent leader in professional and clean skin care with a differentiated portfolio of clinically proven products and brands. Topix builds brands with credible experts transforming skin care with breakthrough technologies, clinically proven formulations and unparalleled scientific and consumer expertise.

Topix’s family of clinical and consumer-facing brands includes many physician brand partners, ReplenixⓇ, Dr. Zenovia Skin Care, ClarityRx, DERMA-E, the #1 fastest growing skin care brand in the natural channel, and Think, the highest Environmental Working Group (EWG) rated safe and clean sun care. Over the last 5 years, Topix Skin Health has experienced significant growth and has invested in growing its team of over 575 employees.

Everything we do at Topix Skin Health is with our Core Values at the forefront. 

Our Core Values are: 

  • Trust
  • Operational Transparency
  • People-Centered
  • Innovation
  • X-Functional Teamwork